Our experience in creating and refreshing brands enables us to capture the essence of your business and the imagination of your customers in a brand tailored to your specific needs. If you’re launching a new brand, we can develop a unique position and identity that defines the individuality of your business. If you need to retain consumer connection and awareness, we can modernise and revitalise your existing brand so that it evolves while retaining its core strengths.

From strategy  to implementation, we’re with you all the way with a full branding service that covers every touch point.  See our branding work here




A brand is much more than a logo and significant effort and resources go into rebranding.  As a successful branding agency we know that brand roll out campaigns have lots of moving pieces, from new logo and brand identity development, your marketing communications tools, sales materials, brochures, corporate environments, signage, vehicles, digital media and the website. Everything you use to communicate internally and externally at every brand touch point need to be updated, and this is where we excel.

Our unique ability to create, manage and  roll-out brand identity campaigns across multiple mediums is at the forefront of what we do. See our brand identity work here



Your logo is a vital piece of your branding strategy so its important that you get it right.  It is a brand symbol that can provide consumers with instant and powerful recognition of your business and the services or products that you offer. It must hit the right audience demographic, communicate instantly, and be usable on any scale from a coffee cup to a billboard.  We are experts in designing beautiful logos which will give your brand personality and feeling. People connect with logos and differentiating your brand from others is critical to business survival.

See our portfolio of beautiful logos here

Bower Logo Development


It might be that your current brand identity has been around for some time but doesn’t adequately capture your business anymore. If you want to refresh a logo, transform and reposition your business, or launch a new product or service, Think Creative & Print can help. Our strategically driven, innovative logo designs can revitalise your brand, re-energise your customer relationships and engage the attention of people you want to do business with. We’ll ensure your new brand identity not only looks good and gets noticed, but also communicates effectively across all marketing touch points. See our brand identity projects here


Key Pacific brand identity development


A brand vision must be clearly understood and implemented with care. Detailed brand guidelines ensure that all parties use the brand elements consistently and without confusion. Brand guidelines provide information and tools and set the standards for the use of brand names, logos, typefaces and other design elements in advertisements, brochures, newsletters, packaging and online communications. Guidelines give your company control over the way other people use your brand so that its visual appearance is always consistent.




Keeping your brand’s image, personality, and reputation in good standing takes time and attention.  Brand reputation is actively built every time a customer meets your brand so it is vitally important that your brand is consistent across all communication channels. Think Creative & Print will manage your brand and ensure that everything we produce, whether it be print, promotional or digital, adheres to the guidelines. Consider us to be your Brand Guardian.



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